Wicked Campers USA & Canada

Iconic 2-Seater Campervan

You only live once yeah? So why not get freaky baby and drive around The U-S-A or Canada in a Campervan that would make even Cheech & Chong cream their chino's...

2-Seater Premium Campervan

Modest artwork on modern, reliable 2-Seater campervans. Save money on accommodation with this super-sexy bed-on-wheels!

2-Seater Premium RH Drive

NOTE: This Vehicle is RIGHT-HAND DRIVE & Available for use in Canada Only. Reliable 2-Seater campervans.

Mini Camper 3-Sleeper

Our Mini Camper 3-Sleeper is one of Wicked's most popular campers. It's cheap to run, super-easy to setup and even easier to drive!

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