Budget accommodation in the times of COVID-19 travel restrictions

If you've been left stranded without accommodation due to the ongoing travel restrictions and general turmoil surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we're here to help. As long as it remains safe to do so, all Wicked locations will remain operational (and offer contactless pickup/dropoff options). We will continue to offer great value campervans as an alternative form of budget accommodation - you'll get a set of wheels and a place to rest your head while keeping a safe distance from other people.

So, if you're unable to get home and you need some affordable temporary housing talk to us about hiring a camper. Short- and long-term hires are welcome. Lots of cheap vehicles to choose from with no-touch, contactless pick-up/drop-off.

Wherever possible, please refer to autorities in your region regarding health & safety advice, and any restictions that might be in place.
Stay safe,
The Wicked team

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